More data, fewer obstacles, better enterprise risk reduction. Welcome appNovi v2.4.

May 17, 2023

As the first Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) platform, appNovi revolutionizes the way enterprises handle their Cyber Asset Attack Surface Mapping (CAASM) and extends those capabilities into incident response to identify and reduce risk faster. With its latest version release, appNovi 2.4, the platform introduces a range of powerful features designed to fit every analyst’s daily workflow and reduce risk based on business context.

Built for the Security Practitioner: Empowering the Executive


One of the key highlights of appNovi 2.4 is its enhanced views, tailored to meet the needs of security professionals across various roles. Whether you prefer a free-form exploration of assets, a macro-to-micro approach in analyzing findings, or abstract analysis results displayed on customizable dashboards, appNovi provides the flexibility to understand assets from an authoritative perspective. This ensures that each analyst can work within their preferred framework, making their workflow more efficient and productive. CIOs can empower their teams to operate with greater efficiency while their security teams respond with greater accuracy and less disruption, all of which is demonstrable to the board through visual and understandable reporting by technical and non-technical leaders.

Reduce risk faster with higher fidelity data


appNovi has enhanced its already industry-leading capabilities for customizable infrastructure and asset identification capabilities through the new Software Development Kit (SDK). Within this SDK, customers gain expanded opportunities to enrich and categorize assets based on the operating system (OS). Leveraging this new feature, organizations can enhance their data enrichment efforts, resulting in more accurate asset identification, and the subsequent ability to facilitate the appropriate security controls through automation to reduce the attack surface.

Uplevel analysts through data accessibility


The faster an organization can detect and respond to a threat, the better it can mitigate potential damage. Understanding this critical need, appNovi 2.4 focuses on reducing the time it takes to find and reduce risk, while also delivering increased and immediate value. The platform achieves this by simplifying data integration capabilities and streamlining the process of ingesting and analyzing data from various tools or directly from the SIEM. Regardless of the seniority or level of an analyst in the Security Operations Center (SOC), appNovi empowers all users with an approachable interface and intuitive features to work more efficiently and ensure non-disruption during response.

The other hundred things we did


While the aforementioned features form the headlines of appNovi 2.4, the update brings a host of other enhancements that are sure to excite users. These include new and enhanced integrations, new APIs to further interconnect your network and security ecosystem, new types of connections to understand the relationships between assets, and new asset types. With appNovi 2.4, cybersecurity teams can operate with greater confidence and efficiency, making significant strides in safeguarding their digital assets.

The changes in our product are the result of listening to our users and delivering the capabilities they need to secure the enterprise. As former practitioners, this release is rewarding as each new feature and enhancement are ones we would use ourselves sitting in the SOC identifying risk or responding to threats. This level of collaboration and empathy is necessary to support our mission of delivering value to customers.

How do I use appNovi v2.4?


Our SaaS customers have been upgraded already while the release version has been distributed to on-premise customers. If you’d like to learn more about appNovi you can request a demo or trial by contacting us on our site.