Gain total asset visibility

Streamline operations and reach outcomes faster by eliminating IT data uncertainty

Some industries we support

Align risk management to industry cybersecurity frameworks

Some industries we support

Align risk management to industry cybersecurity frameworks

Financial Services




Support Compliance


Understand cardholder data protection, enhance vulnerability management processes, and identity where compensating controls are needed


Converge your critical infrastructure and security data to understand control gaps for remediation


Leverage your existing network and security data to identify gaps against the NIST cybersecurity framework


Aggregate asset and software information to align to core controls 1 and 2 to improve vulnerability management and incident response


Support standards set by ISO for asset management, vulnerability management, and incident response


Understand direct and indirect threats to customer data for prioritized mitigation and remediation


Security Operations

Identify risk earlier and respond faster

Integrate siloed network and security services to automate analysis and visualize risk for effective prioritization, and visualize incidents for informed and non-disruptive response

Network Operations

Avoid unexpected outages

Achieve a network-wide view of cyber assets, application connections and dependencies, and the impact of risk to the business

Infrastructure and Asset Management

Gain total asset visibility and business context

Understand your entire network infrastructure, connections, dependencies, and risks to increase alignment to security controls

Application Owners

Understand business impact of risk to applications

Understand and communicate risk based on business impact to business critical applications and services


Measure the metrics that matter and enable collaboration

Visually communicate risk, drive greater ROI from existing tools, and reduce the cost of hiring by enabling cross-domain intelligence


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Who uses appNovi?

Every type of company can benefit from visibility gained from cyber asset attack surface management. Our solution is intended to resolve the siloes of data and provide the ability to share information across teams and stakeholders, both technical and non-technical. You can see some case studies here.

How do you identify assets and threats for monitoring?
We integrate with common CMDB, IAAS, endpoint, SIEM, and vulnerability scanning solutions.
Do I need to install agents?

No. We use data retrieved by already installed agents as well as agentless data sources. We also enrich that information with other third-party data sources.

How do you generate topology?

Our product leverages NetFlow data from your IAAS service and NetFlow tools (e.g. Cisco, Gigamon, SolarWinds) to understand how assets are connecting across the network.

Does it support topology for the physical network and cloud?

Yes, appNovi is the only cybersecurity mesh platform that supports the entire network.

Even Kubernetes?


What type of analysis can I do?

You can construct boolean-type searches across all of your data to construct highly detailed searches and track changes to that search over time.

What query language does appNovi support?

None. Users don’t need to learn a proprietary language or have a command over regex. You can search your data similar to how you would search with a search engine.

How are applications tracked in appNovi?

You can view application components and construct application profiles or import from an existing data source. Applications are more than a port and protocol combination or a service name – they are all the application components, types of connections, and business purpose.

How are integrations developed?

appNovi can have integrations built by customers or by our development team. If you have a request you can contact us.

Can non-technical users use appNovi?
Yes, we designed the visualization and reporting to be consumable by everyone including non-technical people
Where does appNovi install?

Anywhere you want. Installation and configuration take place in under ten minutes, and there are no proprietary commands or languages needed to use the product. You only need to configure data sources to get started. This means customers can start using appNovi the same day they install it, which makes it very easy to assess for relevance to your organization’s initiatives.


Analysts need to make rapid decisions in the heat of the moment, not wasting time querying the SIEM or manually pivoting between Excel and the security tools themselves. appNovi empowers the SOC to make decisions and not spreadsheets.

Eldon Sprickerhoff


Too often enterprise IT teams miss the holistic picture because they focus on solving individual problems by buying tools. That’s why data convergence is so important to uplevel the SOC. We must solve the created complexity and establish a high-fidelity source of data to automate outcomes and empower rapid and non-disruptive security decisions.

Kurt John

Global CISO, Expedia

Once we were able to consolidate our NetFlow data with assets and vulnerabilities, we could map out our complex network, understand the assets with vulnerabilities, and what other assets would be impacted if that vulnerability was exploited.


CISO, Financial Services