Understand your attack surface

Maintain constant visibility throughout changes and prioritize risk based on network context

Gain total visibility and identify vulnerable attack paths before exploitation

Your attack surface is the measurable exposure attackers can use to exploit weaknesses to compromise systems to extricate your data, disrupt network connectivity, and extort your company.


The attack surface for all organizations undergoes constant change as development teams create necessary connections for virtual infrastructure and applications. Often these changes happen outside the inclusion or consideration of security which results in poor visibility and the inability to understand vulnerable ingress and the impact of the exploitation of vulnerabilities to your business.

appNovi integrates with your existing tools to provide an authoritative and automatically maintained set to provide total asset visibility. Your cyber asset data is enriched with network, business, and user context. When you understand your environment, you can quickly identify which risks are the most significant to the business and easiest for attackers to exploit for effective vulnerability prioritization.

Enterprise security teams use appNovi to:

  • Completely map their attack surface
  • Automate security agent coverage analysis
  • Prioritize risk based on network context and business impact
  • Maintain attack surface mapping throughout all changes everywhere — cloud, SDN, and bare metal servers
appNovi installs and integrates with your existing tools in under ten minutes.