Incident Response Management

Identify risk earlier, respond faster, and don’t break anything during incident response

Successful incident response is predicated on knowing your environment. But as network complexity increases through the adoption of new technologies IT assets have been obscured.

Siloed teams and tools create barriers to data. All the while there are more alerts without the resources to respond to them all. Enterprises spend a lot of money on tools that generate data that can’t be used. Even SIEMs have data behind proprietary query languages that require an SME.

That’s why we developed appNovi. Incident response identifies risk earlier and responds faster when data is at the fingertips of your analysts and not distributed or hidden. Advanced analytics and dynamic exploration of the network provide an interactive method that reduces your mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 90 percent. The Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture platform ensures interoperability between network and security services to identify and eliminate threats earlier while reducing the financial impact of a breach.

appNovi integrates with your existing tools to converge your data in a centralized data plane. The outcome is increased efficiency in incident response through the ability to identify risk earlier and respond faster. Uplevel your analysts immediately and gain:

  • 90% reduction in MTTR
  • Assurance response doesn’t impact the business
  • Complete understanding of your environment
  • Simplified communication of risk across all stakeholders

 Uplevel your junior analysts by making specialized subjects immediately accessible to streamline incident response and reduce risk faster. appNovi integrates and provides day-one value – sign up for free today.