Time Lapse: appNovi’s Leap Toward Next-Generation Cybersecurity Incident Response

August 9, 2023

Today we share the release of an innovative method for analyzing and understanding a security incident through visualized time series analysis. Our customers’ incident response teams can now specify a point in time to understand a cyber asset and its relationships and how they change as time goes by. Rather than compiling data in Excel from multiple sources using different query languages, security teams can understand precisely what happened during original exploitation and follow the subsequent actions of their adversary to dramatically reduce mean time to resolution.


Historical analytics provides the ability to query trends and provide insight into how security teams are reducing risk and understanding the business impact. 


Eliminating the Data Accessibility Barrier in Incident Response


The new Time Lapse feature addresses several critical issues faced by security teams. First, we need to understand that most incident response requires security teams to make decisions on alerts escalated through SIEM configurations. When an incident occurs, it is a snapshot in time that prompts an investigation. 


Analyzing everything that happened following the successful exploitation of a vulnerability — whether it involves a host, user, or application — demands a deep understanding of all cyber assets and the relationship and network connections between them. Despite advances in technology, incident response analysis historically wrangled data or created and escalated tickets to get access — this manual and incremental process often takes days, weeks, and even months.


Without a complete understanding of response options and their impact on the network and business applications, concerns about making changes often lead to partial or incomplete incident resolutions. 


Optimizing Incident Response


Since its launch, appNovi customers have gained an authoritative source of data through our data convergence capabilities. Previously expanded integrated automation functionalities have implemented closed-loop remediation processes. Our data visualization capabilities have been an anchor for many enterprises to gain insight into network dependencies to understand applications and the direct and indirect impacts of network changes on them. The time series feature is the next addition to an appNovi upleveled SOC.


As the first Cyber Security Mesh Architecture vendor to deliver chronological exploration and analysis for security teams, we are revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape. Now, incident response is faster and provides a confident understanding of changes’ impacts. This shift benefits everyone: from the SOC to the CIO and CISO, and even all the non-technical stakeholders of an incident. Security teams already using appNovi will now have access to time series capability.

Value to the C-Suite


For CIOs and CISOs, measuring the effectiveness of security operations is often subject to objective KPIs and scrutiny. Our time-series data coupled with analytics and reporting capabilities lets CIOs and CISOs perform trend analysis retrospectively. On day one, you not only get same-day findings on assets missing security controls but also understand the efficacy of teams over time in ensuring mandated coverage. CIOs and CISOs can better prioritize efforts moving forward, and identify where further staffing or automation is needed.


In a world where budgets are under tighter scrutiny, it’s simpler to build a quantifiable business case for expanding investment in security or justifying existing expenditures. 


Upleveling the SOC


We worked in the SOC and faced many challenges that persist today. That is why our mission at appNovi has always been to offer cutting-edge solutions that transform how enterprises respond to cybersecurity threats. With the addition of the time-series feature, we are delivering a capability that would have made us far more proficient in the SOC.


The launch of the Time Lapse feature symbolizes our relentless pursuit to innovate through collaboration with customers, and using customer feedback to develop features that improve the day-to-day responsibilities of practitioners. As we look ahead, appNovi will continue to champion the shift in paradigms, providing the most comprehensive, efficient, and practical solutions for cybersecurity incident response. Join us on this journey as we redefine the future of cybersecurity. Learn more by requesting a demo today or follow our updates on LinkedIn.