Celebrating a Milestone: appNovi Recognized for Innovation in XDR

October 5, 2023

At appNovi, our focus has always been on delivering comprehensive solutions to the constant and evolving challenges of cybersecurity and its tooling. Through consistent collaboration and product iterations with customers, each release has made a significant impact to enterprise SOCs. The results of those efforts lead to today. We’re humbled and grateful to announce that we have been named “XDR Innovation of the Year” award by CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards.


For those needing demystification of a cyber acronym, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) offers an integrated approach to threat detection and response by converging various data sources across all network environments. At its core, XDR aims to provide a comprehensive view of cyber threats, ensuring timely and effective responses. It’s a capability that appNovi is deeply invested in, and one we believe is fundamental to the future of cybersecurity.


Our journey in XDR has been about more than just detection and response. We understand that in the vast landscape of cyber threats, clarity is key. That’s why our team has dedicated significant time and resources to ensure not only total cyber asset visibility but also effective vulnerability prioritization. By leveraging advanced analytics and visualization, we’ve been able to optimize incident responses, ensuring that threats are addressed in a timely and precise manner. At the core of these capabilities is our ability to provide authoritative data on cyber assets.


Receiving the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award is not just validation of our approach but also a testament to the practicality our platform provides. The recognition serves as a reminder that genuine innovation, rooted in addressing real-world challenges, can make a significant difference.


As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity, ensuring that our clients always have the most robust tools at their disposal.


Thank you to our incredible team, partners, and clients for being a part of this journey. The contributions and strategic alignment with Fortinet, Rapid7, Tenable, Crowdstrike, ExtraHop, Snyk, Tufin, and the many others have enabled collaborative success for customers. Together, we look forward to continuing our mission to enhance cyber resilience for organizations worldwide.