appNovi Announces New Version of the First Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture Platform and Appoints Global Chief Security Officer to Advisor Board

September 14, 2022

Former security practitioners deliver innovative capability to restore data science to the hands of security analysts

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – September 14th, 2022 – appNovi, the first Cybersecurity Mesh software company, today announced the appointment of Kurt John, currently Global Chief Security Officer of Expedia, to their advisory board and the second major release of appNovi featuring unique capabilities for addressing enterprise security data conflicts.

appNovi was founded by former security practitioners to address the longest-standing challenges in cybersecurity across cyber asset management, attack surface mapping, vulnerability prioritization, and incident response. The first Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) platform is used by enterprises to enable cross-domain intelligence for more effective business-specific risk reduction and response capabilities.

“We founded appNovi to solve the problems that plagued us as security professionals and we build our product by listening to our users,” reflected Joe Schreiber, appNovi CEO and Co-Founder. “Version 2.0 builds on both themes by introducing functionality we wish we had available as users and enhancing core features based on hundreds of hours of usage and feedback.”

“Our enterprise customers face a state of constant change across assets both in their on-prem and cloud networks,” stated Joe Schreiber, appNovi CEO and Co-Founder. “Delivering automated intelligent asset de-duplication capabilities removes the burden on security analysts enabling them to focus on the actual security analysis.”

“appNovi v2.0 also delivers on our practitioner-focused vision to enable configurable and customizable integrations across their entire technology stack,” commented Nate Rodd, Head of Engineering. “Cybersecurity mesh architecture is predicated on interoperability between network and security services which we can uniquely support.”

Kurt John’s appointment to the board of advisors maintains the appNovi focus on authenticity in leadership and critical thinking.

“The founders of appNovi have an in-depth and empathetic understanding of the current challenges enterprise security teams face,” shared recently appointed advisor Kurt John. “The appNovi team’s authenticity as practitioners, compassion as developers, and capacity to challenge the status quo of longstanding challenges in information security demonstrate them as true and collaborative innovators.”

“Kurt John complements our existing advisory board with his unique capability to collaborate on solving board-level problems from the practitioner perspective,” said Ethan Smart, appNovi’s Chief Solutions Architect and Co-Founder. “His compassion for his team and the broader cybersecurity industry distinguish him as an empathetic leader and advisor.”

“Kurt’s addition to the appNovi advisory board reflects our values of focusing on integrity, quality, and empathy as core pillars of success in cybersecurity,” reflected Dan Rheault, Head of Strategy. “Kurt’s record of mentorship and security community participation demonstrate his aligned goals to make security accessible.”

appNovi’s cybersecurity mesh architecture platform enables cross-domain intelligence for enterprise security teams to reduce business risk and efficiently respond to cyberattacks when they do occur. Easily installed and integrated, deployed anywhere, and highly customizable, appNovi makes cybersecurity accessible to all stakeholders.

About appNovi

Built by practitioners for practitioners, appNovi enables cyber asset management, network-wide attack surface identification and mapping, vulnerability prioritization based on business impact, and efficient non-disruptive incident response. appNovi integrates with your existing network and security tools to adopt a cybersecurity mesh architecture that makes security accessible.