Mucker Capital leads angel round funding for appNovi

February 3, 2022

appNovi’s co-founders Joe Schreiber and Ethan Smart are proud to share that Mucker Capital has decided to lead the angel funding round for the appNovi cybersecurity mesh platform.

“Mucker Capital is an ideal partner for us at appNovi as we share a vision to make security accessible to address some of the longest standing challenges in cybersecurity,” commented Joe Schreiber, Co-Founder and CEO of appNovi. “This partnership enables us to responsibly continue our growth in the enterprise cybersecurity market.”

“Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture is an emerging space in cybersecurity, and enables resolving so many systemic problems in cybersecurity that have existed for well over a decade,” stated Ethan Smart, C0-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect of appNovi. “Mucker Capital’s partnership ensures we are in a strong position to continue to address enterprise challenges in attack surface mapping, prioritizing vulnerability management, and enabling non-disruptive incident response.”

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