Evolving Attack Surface Mapping for 2024: Incident Response

December 6, 2023

Comprehensive Attack Surface Management Streamlines Incident Response


This is part of an Attack Surface Mapping blog series. You can read prior blogs on the current state of attack surface mapping here, and how attack surface mapping enables vulnerability prioritization here.

With a complete understanding of assets and their context, incident response teams respond to risks more rapidly and effectively. Specialized security and network concepts are abstracted, reducing the need for escalations to subject matter experts. Security responders are better equipped to understand the stakeholders involved based on user activity with assets, and the visualization capabilities of appNovi enable effective communication of security incidents to non-technical stakeholders.


Chronological Attack Surface Analysis


Evolution of the Attack Surface Over Time


Understanding how the attack surface has changed over time is critical for an accurate security posture assessment. appNovi provides insights into how assets have evolved, how effective security measures have been over time, and how the dynamic nature of network environments has impacted the overall security landscape. This chronological analysis is essential for understanding the path an adversary might take and for planning strategic responses to emerging threats.


Incident Response and Chronological Intelligence


In the context of incident response, chronological intelligence plays a vital role. For instance, when an IDS alert indicates that an asset has been compromised, understanding the connections to that asset and how they have changed over time is crucial. What new host-to-host connections were created between an exploited asset and vulnerable assets? Where did subsequent logins occur after failed logins of compromised users? What actions were then taken by an attacker? Incident response specifies a point in time and plays back subsequent changes after an attack to understand changes to the assets and the network undertaken by an adversary.


Evolving Attack Surface Mapping in 2024


For organizations that need to better map their attack surface and prioritize risk more effectively, appNovi is not just another tool in the attack surface mapping arsenal; it represents a significant advancement in how enterprises understand and manage their digital environments. By providing an authoritative source of truth, contextual insights, and chronological intelligence, appNovi empowers organizations to effectively tackle the complex challenges of modern cybersecurity. This comprehensive approach to attack surface mapping makes the digital landscape not only visible but also understandable and manageable, paving the way for a more secure future.

You can map your attack surface today with a high degree of confidence and gain same day results. Get in touch with us here.