Cyber Asset Attack Surface Mapping for MSPs and MDR Providers

Deliver unparalleled device visibility agnostic of your customers’ tools

Simplify Asset Management & Reporting

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Detection and Response Providers (MDRs) face the dual challenge of integrating a multitude of cybersecurity tools for each client while ensuring a high level of threat detection and response. That’s why establishing a unified platform can be transformative, not just in enhancing service delivery, but also in streamlining operational efficiency and delivering expanded services without costly technical implementations.

Your customers already selected their tools. You have your own stack to secure their enterprise. appNovi eliminates the complexity from tooling to provide an authoritative source of data to maintain asset inventories, identify missing security agents, prioritize risk based on exposure, and optimize incident response.

the value of caasm

A unified platform approach offers several educational insights and practical benefits for MSPs tasked with delivering MDR services:

Automated Cyber Asset Inventory Management

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all cyber assets across client networks is often a prolonged manual process with results that quickly go out of date. appNovi integrates with all the existing tools and converges and enriches the data to provide continuous asset discovery and management. No more Excel and data wrangling — you and your customers gain access to an authoritative data set of infrastructure, devices, users, applications, code, and their connections.


Vulnerability Prioritization

The prevalence of cybersecurity threats obligates a method to prioritize risk. appNovi aggregates and consolidates your vulnerability data and contextualizes it with network access and business impact for automated exposure analysis. Service providers regularly gain new insights throughout changes to understand the most significant impact to the business for business-driven risk management.


Enhanced Reporting and Insights

Transparent communication with clients about their security posture is crucial. appNovi provides clear, intuitive reports, making it easier for service providers to demonstrate the value of their services and for clients to understand their security posture.


Efficient Troubleshooting and Incident Response

When your customer experiences an outage due to network changes or cyberattacks, having an effective and efficient response is critical. appNovi optimizes incident response by consolidating and chronologically visualizing data to analyze what happened at a specific point in time. When data is at the fingertips of your security team they avoid unnecessary escalations, quickly identify asset ownership, and avoid unexpected outcomes from making changes in response.

In the course of growing our services and customer-based over the last 30+ years, the diversity of technology we have used and our clients rely on has varied widely. Without the ability to overcome the unmanageable security data challenge, our analysts and engineers were spending 70% of their time in Excel on data wrangling.

Now we understand customer environments and have gained a holistic picture of risk. Complexity is the enemy of security, and appNovi has dramatically reduced the friction between tools to become our trusted source of information.


VP, Top Three US-Based MSP

Diverse and dynamic customer environments render asset inventories laborious and rapidly obsolete. Securing assets is an insurmountable task without continuous visibility.

appNovi enabled us to integrate with any customer environment and their tools to provide complete asset visibility, identify gaps in security controls, and optimize incident response while reducing escalations.


SOC Lead, Louisana-Based MSP

The practical outcomes

Utilizing an integrated cyber asset and attack surface mapping platform leads to several strategic outcomes for MSPs and MDRs.


Economic Efficiency


A platform that integrates seamlessly with both your existing client tools  and your SOC’s tools results in significant cost savings. Your managed services team is able to operate more efficiently with less spend time on manual processes while also enhancing accessibility yo reporting by customers. By optimizing the use of resources, MSPs can offer more competitive pricing and deliver new services.


Streamlined Operations


The simplification of cybersecurity management tasks through automation agnostic of the automation tools in place ensure handoffs between analysis and workflows to automate many manual reporting processes, and can provide a significant reduction in Mean-time-to-Reduction (MTTR) for ensuring security agent coverage (e.g. EDR), filing vulnerability patching tickets, or troubleshooting.


Expertise and Trust


By consolidating, abstracting, and analyzing cyber data, service providers are able to leverage their domains of expertise without needing to become experts in all tools. While the SOC can reduce escalations, they can improve their communication with customers about risk. This ability to respond and enhance collaboration with customers elevates the relationship with customers.


Risk Reduction


A proactive approach to managing and mitigating cyber risks ensures that clients are better protected against threats, reducing the likelihood and impact of security breaches, and enhancing the relationship with customers.