Gain total visibility and identify assets missing security agents

Maintain accurate inventories of infrastructure, devices, users, applications, and code

Meet compliance with CIS Controls 1 and 2 and identify assets missing security agents

Inconsistent processes for adding assets and reliance on multiple inventory data sources result in siloed data and incomplete visibility. The results are cyber assets deployed without the needed security agents, manual aggregation of asset inventories that fall out of date quickly, and uncertainty over asset ownership.

appNovi integrates with your existing tools to provide an authoritative data source to understand your assets, users, applications, and relationships and connections between them all. We eliminate the reliance on Excel and ensure vulnerable assets are discovered and prioritized based on business impact.

Enterprise risk management teams can:

  • Gain and automatically maintain your cyber asset inventory
  • Validate security agent coverage
  • Understand business and network context of assets
  • Enable effective risk communications
  • Reduce resource and project costs
appNovi installs and integrates with your existing tools in under ten minutes.