Ivanti integration

Gain total asset visibility, identify security control gaps, and automate remediation for Cyber Asset Attack Surface Mapping

In today’s work environment, employees use a myriad of devices to access IT applications and data over multiple networks to stay productive, wherever and however they work. Ivanti elevates and secures Everywhere Work so that people and organizations can thrive.

Supported Products

  • Unified Endpoint Management

appNovi integrates with Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management and your other data sources to converge and normalize data sets to create and maintain a complete cyber asset inventory. An authoritative source of cyber asset data automates cyber asset inventory exercises while enabling IT and security operations to streamline their processes.

appNovi integrates Ivanti data with your other data sources to identify all cyber assets, identify gaps in security controls, and enrich assets with network and business context. Because appNovi understands which tools see which cyber assets, it can identify which cyber assets are without the necessary agents. Through integrated actions IT and security teams can automate remediation using existing workflows and playbooks. And with telemetry enrichment, you can prioritize those cyber assets which are internet-facing or business application-impacting through Cyber Asset Attack Surface Mapping (CAASM).

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appNovi Solution Brief

Learn about the appNovi cybersecurity mesh platform for attack surface identification and mapping, vulnerability management, and incident response enablement.


Explore how appNovi can help you align to CIS controls to mature vulnerability management, attack surface mapping, incident response, and data center migration processes.