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Map your network from the inside out, prioritize risk, and optimize incident response

Sumo Logic, Inc. turns insights into action by enabling customers to deliver reliable and secure cloud-native applications through its Sumo Logic SaaS Log Analytics Platform. By analyzing logs and other data sources, including events, metrics and traces at scale through one, unified self-managed platform, Sumo Logic enables developers, operations and security teams to ensure application reliability, secure and protect against modern security threats, and gain insights into their cloud infrastructures. Customers worldwide rely on Sumo Logic to get powerful real-time analytics and insights across observability and security solutions for their cloud-native applications. For more information, visit

Supported Products

  • Sumo Logic

appNovi integrates with Sumo Logic SIEM via API to retrieve logs to discover network assets and their connections, enabling visualization of your cyber assets, dependencies, and risk. This integration allows for the exploration of cyber assets and their relationships, as well as simplify access to infrastructure data.

Sumo Logic logs are retrieved by appNovi to visualize network connections between cyber assets and understand asset ownership through identity telemetry. This capability facilitates the discovery of assets and their relevance to business applications, as well as the identification of stakeholders to streamline remediation efforts. By understanding the relationships and connections between assets and users, troubleshooting becomes more effective.

appNovi leverages Sumo Logic’s security event data and vulnerability information, along with other datasets, for comprehensive visualization. This integration facilitates effective risk management prioritization and ensures streamlined, non-disruptive incident responses. By contextually correlating vulnerabilities with network traffic, appNovi enhances vulnerability prioritization. Moreover, the use of security event data enables swift security analysis, completing tasks in seconds that would otherwise take hours with manual processes. The visualization capabilities of appNovi also empower clear communication with non-technical stakeholders, ensuring an efficient and effective response strategy.

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