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Map your attack surface and ensure asset accuracy in ServiceNow

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Supported Products

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Security Operations
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Maintain application owners and inventories in ServiceNow with appNovi

appNovi offers a dynamic integration with ServiceNow, enhancing its capabilities in mapping the attack surface of your network infrastructure. This integration allows for the efficient retrieval and import of asset data and ownership information into appNovi, ensuring a comprehensive inventory of servers and their respective owners. Furthermore, appNovi’s compatibility with various CMDB and cyber asset management systems ensures a high-fidelity, up-to-date source of asset data, including new ownership details. This process is vital for pinpointing security vulnerabilities and identifying responsible stakeholders. Such enriched data not only aids in maintaining a sanitized and current CMDB in ServiceNow but also supports the management of assets across diverse environments, including multi and hybrid cloud setups.

appNovi enhances the precision of risk calculations in ServiceNow by enriching asset data with comprehensive context, including network exposure and business relevance of applications. By integrating with ServiceNow, appNovi consolidates risk scores with additional security data, allowing for a more nuanced and accurate assessment of risk. This convergence of risk data from your entire suite of security tools ensures a thorough consideration of each data point, which is essential in scenarios where not every vulnerability can be immediately patched. Integrating appNovi with ServiceNow results in a more effective and strategic approach to risk management, prioritizing actions based on the combined understanding of technical vulnerabilities and their real-world implications.

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