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Enable cybersecurity mesh architecture by visualizing your existing SIEM and other network and security services

Panther Labs powers security monitoring for many of the world’s premier brands. We provide a fast, flexible and scalable platform for threat detection and incident response, capable of analyzing terabytes of data per day in real-time. By adopting a serverless architecture and detection-as-code, Panther frees security teams from the slow performance, heavy operational overhead, and high cost of traditional SIEM. Panther was founded by a team of veteran security practitioners and is trusted by customers like Dropbox, Zapier, Snowflake, and more.

Supported integrations

  • Panther

appNovi retrieves logs in Panther and aggregates them with the rest of your logs to provide complete network-wide data visualization and analysis of IT assets. Consequently, you can search across all network IT assets through a general free-text search (free of proprietary query languages) or structure queries based on Boolean logic. With integrated triggers for SOAR products and ITSM solutions, you automate the handoff for the resolution of gaps in security controls, such as agent deployments on unmonitored assets.

Log data is retrieved via API from Panther and aggregated with other traffic and telemetry data sources to provide an understanding of network-wide connectivity. This single interface of network connections is ideal for understanding which connections are necessary for business continuity, and mapping out application resources, dependencies, and indirect dependencies on shared resources. Moreover, this immediate level of visibility and insight is critical for enabling non-disruptive incident response decisions.

Security events in Panther are aggregated in appNovi for inclusion in searches and visualization. Understanding highly probable threats enables effective prioritization of risk to improve vulnerability management, effective incident response through accurate analysis of data, and more effective attack surface identification and mapping.

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