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Map your attack surface, identify missing security agents, prioritize risk, and optimize incident response

Elastic (NYSE: ESTC) is a leading platform for search-powered solutions. Elastic understands it’s the answers, not just the data. The Elasticsearch platform enables anyone to find the answers they need in real-time using all their data, at scale. Elastic delivers complete, cloud-based, AI-powered solutions for enterprise security, observability and search built on the Elasticsearch platform, the development platform used by thousands of companies, including more than 50% of the Fortune 500. Learn more at elastic.co.

Supported Products

  • Elastic Agent
  • Elastic Cloud

The integration between appNovi and Elastic products significantly enhances the way organizations visualize and manage their cyber assets, offering a comprehensive solution for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating security risks. By leveraging data from Elastic Agents and Elastic Cloud, appNovi provides a detailed mapping of cyber assets, including their network connections and dependencies. This integration allows for a holistic view of the digital environment, highlighting both monitored and previously unseen assets.

One of the primary use cases of this integration is the enhanced ability to detect gaps in security coverage. By combining data from Elastic Agents with information from other infrastructure and telemetry sources, organizations can identify critical assets that lack appropriate security measures. This capability is crucial for ensuring that all parts of the digital environment are protected against potential threats.

appNovi’s integration with Elastic’s telemetry capabilities offers organizations a sophisticated method to map network connections and dependencies among cyber assets with exceptional accuracy. This collaboration allows security teams to gain insights into the intricate web of asset connectivity, deepening their understanding of application relationships and dependencies. Additionally, by merging this data with identity telemetry, security teams can accurately determine asset ownership through empirical data, moving beyond the limitations of outdated CMDB information.

The combination of Elastic’s telemetry data with appNovi’s advanced visualization tools facilitates more targeted risk prioritization. Organizations gain a comprehensive view of the business impact and contextual exposure of each asset within the network. This enhanced analysis is instrumental in pinpointing critical vulnerabilities, enabling security teams to allocate remediation efforts effectively. Ultimately, this strategic approach to security management significantly strengthens the overall security posture through well-informed decision-making.

appNovi leverages Elastic’s security alert data and vulnerability information, integrating these insights with other critical datasets for advanced visualization. This integration is pivotal in prioritizing risk management efforts and ensuring an efficient, non-disruptive approach to incident response. The ability to automate actions for mitigation and remediation stands at the forefront of this collaboration, streamlining the response to security alerts. For situations that require deeper analyst investigation, appNovi provides a visualized workspace that encapsulates network, security, user, application, and infrastructure data. This holistic view optimizes incident response by eliminating the need for time-consuming SIEM queries and manual data convergence.

This approach not only facilitates quicker decision-making but also enhances collaboration across all stakeholders by simplifying complex security information. By embedding security alerts within this comprehensive workspace, appNovi eliminates unnecessary escalations and reduces the cognitive load on analysts. The result is a more agile, informed, and cohesive security operation that can swiftly adapt to threats, improving the overall security posture with minimal disruption and maximizing the efficiency of security teams.

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